"The roots of trauma lie in our instinctual physiologies. As a result, it is through our bodies, as well as our minds that we discover the key to its healing.
Each of us must find these roots, realising we have a choice- perhaps one of the greatest of our lives.
The healing of trauma is a natural process that can be accessed through an inner awareness of the body"

Body Truth is a healing retreat. It will help restore, rebalance and recentre your mind body and spirit to its natural healthy state.
Through movement and connection with each other.

Have you ever woken up in the morning overwhelmed by your thoughts and feelings?

Do you have unexplained physical symptoms?

Or a nagging feeling there is something unexplored, undigested or unresolved?

You will leave the retreat with a ‘toolkit’ full of helpful practices and the notion of how best to use them for your own wellbeing. Our hope is for you to continue exploring the ideas and techniques introduced and to develop your own daily practice that will support you in your quest to stay connected; listening to your body, mind and spirit, and learning to love and honour the messages you receive.

What is Body Truth

The Body Truth Retreat will take place in a beautiful fully renovated villa, overlooking the San Lorenzo valley in the North East of Ibiza. Situated on top of a hill in the middle of the island, surrounded by forest and with stunning views of the sunset, the venue offers a sense of spaciousness, tranquility and serene beauty.


Lizzy Webster

Concept creator & Host

Lizzy has been based on the island of Ibiza since 2009. Her own journey of trauma release and her passion for helping others to achieve transformative change led her to train as a Yoga of 12 Step Recovery Leader (with Nikki Myers), in Mindfulness Based Stress Release & 12 years as a Bowen Therapist. (The Bowen technique focuses on realising trauma from the fascia, a layer of connective tissue that is attached to the skin. With many years of experience working with charity's, Lizzy discovered the power of the group & how amazing & beneficial it can be for people.

Susie Howells

Yoga teacher & Host

Having practiced yoga for 20 years, Susie specialises in using yoga to heal trauma and process emotions held in the body.  Her yoga style draws inspiration from Iyengar and Scaravelli to Dynamic Vinyasa and Yin & believes it to be  a form of personal development. Having come through her own experience of postnatal depression Susie has a growing interest in pregnancy and post-natal mental and physical health.

Morris Monroe

Meditation guide & Host

Robert Morris Monroe (Morris) has been practicing meditation for the past 7 years and embarked on a journey of self-healing 4 years ago. During this time he has trained as a yoga teacher and developed a method for emotional pro-cessing which involves all of the best practices he has acquired. Now living a yo-gic life in the northern hills of Ibiza, he spends his time studying and mentoring young adults.

Prices include the following: luxury accommodation, all vegetarian meals, snacks, teas and water (special dietary requirements can be catered for with advance notice), retreat itinerary as detailed to include one massage per booking. The price excludes travel costs to and from the retreat venue. Airport transfers can be arranged on request.

HALL ROOM; a spacious en suite twin- PRICE For 2 people sharing (twin beds) £1,399 per person/ single occupancy £1,599

GARDEN ROOM 1; small en suite double bedroom for single occupancy; PRICE single occupancy £1,699

GARDEN ROOM 2; small en suite double bedroom for single occupancy; PRICE single occupancy £1,699

LARGE SHARED MASTER SUITE; a beautiful, huge ‘L’ shaped room with a large luxury bathroom plus a further washroom and toilet. It has a private terrace and stunning vistas of the surrounding countryside and distant sea view. The suite is shared by up to three guests, each having their own double bed. An absolutely gorgeous and spacious suite for an authentic shared retreat experience – this is shared accommodation at luxury standard! – PRICE £1,499 per person

SHARED FOREST SUITE; a charming shared suite with large en-suite bathroom for up to two guests, with two double beds – PRICE £1,499 per person

TOWER ROOM; a bright cozy en suite room with double bed suitable for sole occupancy or a couple – PRICE single occupancy £1,699. For the Tower Room please contact us if you are interested in making a booking as a couple.

Please contact Lizzy Webster for a FREE consultation zoom chat. For more information and to book, WhatsApp, call or write to Lizzy. UK: 0044 (0)7949 755 308 Spain: 0034 680 303 114

more About BODY TRUTHmore About BODY TRUTHmore About BODY TRUTH

It is our mission to help guests develop an awareness of the wholeness of mind, body and spirit. In our natural, healthy state these three elements are interconnected and balanced.

Because of our evolutionary past as prey, we humans are equipped with a highly sensitive nervous system that can easily trigger our primal ‘fight, flight or freeze’ instincts. Instead of processing these intense bursts of adrenaline like our ancestors would have done; our modern lifestyle has taught us to repress our emotions – and they can become stuck in our bodies.

When undigested energy or trauma, remains in the body, it can present itself in a variety of physical and psychological conditions such as headaches, IBS, anxiety, low self-worth and unhealthy behaviours.

At the Body Truth Retreat, we help you to recognise these ‘frozen’ traumas or emotions and provide you with a toolkit of simple daily practices to help release them in a safe way. We will work to restore your connection between body, mind and spirit, and teach you how to tap into your intuition daily so you can achieve transformative change.

In a supportive and accepting group environment , this healing process can be a positive and joyful experience that will help you enhance your sense of self and boost your self-worth. You will leave the retreat with an array of new knowledge and simple techniques to incorporate into your routine, so you can continue your inner growth back at home.
The Effects of Trauma on Your Wellbeing

Trauma can be defined as anything that makes us feel unsafe, from having a near-death experience to not being validated by a parent.
When we experience trauma, we are often unable to process the ensuing emotions in a healthy way.
If such emotions are not processed to become ‘safe’, they can remain something that we subconsciously fear. This means that even when we are not being exposed to the original trauma, we are constantly living in a state of fearful anticipation. Unless these emotions are properly processed, the memories of the original trauma remain a source of distress and anxiety.

The Body Truth Retreat will suit you if you are looking to work towards lasting change within a safe, transformative group setting and prepared to remain honest, open-minded and willing throughout the process.
Could long term trauma be affecting your relationships?
Are repressed emotions holding you back from living your best life?
Could your mind be creating pain in your body?
If your answer is Yes to any of these questions, this retreat could be for you.

The effects of trAuma
At the beginning of the retreat, each participant will have a one-to-one session with a team member to share their reasons for joining, assess their feelings and set their intentions for the week.
At the end of the retreat, we will check back in with each guest so they can share any movement or experience of body, mind and spirit energy.

Each guest will then take away a toolkit of daily practices and techniques to apply to their routine back at home. These can be mixed and matched to suit your personal daily needs.

During the retreat, we will work daily with a variety of methods and techniques such as mindful movement, meditation, breathwork, yoga, creative workshops, group sharing and more. All sessions and activities are underpinned by the Spiritual Principles, which form an important foundation underpinning the well-known 12 Steps Recovery Programme.

What a Typical Day May Look Like:
8.00 - 8.30 Meditation
8.30 – 9.30 Breakfast
9.30 – 10. 15 Check in and mindful movement, we choose the spiritual principle of the day
10.15 – 10.30 Break
10.30- 11.30 Yoga and breathwork
11.30- 12.00 Feedback, group check out and smoothie
12.30 – 1.30 Brunch
1.30 – 4.30 Free Time for Treatments, Massage (one massage is included per person per retreat),
1 to 1 consultation, optional guided nature walk
4.30 Snack
5.00 – 6.30 Workshop; for example the Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping) with Shambala
7.30 Dinner
The body truth ProgrAMME
group work
Group Work
Our group will be a safe place, surrounded by nature, high up and away from the stresses and strains of our lives. We will be in a creative space where there is room to listen and respond.
From this place of external beauty, we will feel enabled to look within, finding the dark and the light, accepting all, releasing what no longer serves us. This happens mainly through gentle body movements but also from daring to share with HONESTY, OPEN-MINDEDNESS and WILLINGNESS - the HOW mentioned in the 12 Steps recovery program.
The group energy will be an important aspect of the process.

The power of the group can be very transformative as long as there are very clear boundaries and guidelines.
These boundaries will be agreed by the group at the start of the retreat.
Each session will begin with a group sharing of feelings, followed by an activity, and ending with a short debrief. It will take courage and commitment to benefit from the process

We will provide a nurturing and safe environment infused with love, humour, (self ) compassion, tolerance and honesty to create a group where individuals experiencing anxiety, pain or numbness can safely explore, uncover and discard the stuck traumatic energy that is at the root of their suffering, and fill themselves with love.

- Experience of the joy of shared energy within a supportive, safe and healthy group dynamic
- Regular yoga sessions including yin and trauma release techniques
- Guided meditation
- Mindful movement- these simple, gentle movements help me to stay emotionally balanced and physically pain-free.
- Breathwork
- Introduction to the Spiritual Principles that underpin the 12 Steps recovery programme
- Walking, swimming – Activities out in nature
- Eating and sharing healthy, nourishing foods, beautifully presented
- Emotional Freedom Technique [Tapping] workshop
- Art Workshop - Create your own ‘Hopes and Dreams’ vision box
- Relationships Workshop
- Somatic Experiencing Workshop
- Massage
- Reflexology (Optional extra)
- Reiki (Optional extra)
- Cranio Sacral therapist (Optional extra)
- Bowen technique treatment (Optional extra)

We are happy to arrange treatments for guests, let us know when you book if you would like any extras.

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No. 1 – The Meaning of Pain by Nick Potter. 2020 Edition ISBN: 978-1-78072-417-1

No. 2 – Waking the Tiger by Peter Levine. 1997 Edition ISBN: 978-1-55643-233-0

No. 3 - Polar Bear Not Getting Traumatized https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lHVNUDPMeSY

No. 4 – Y12SR (The Yoga of 12 Step Recovery)

No. 5 -The Spiritual Principles (taken from the 12 step recovery programme)
Spiritual Principles
Open mindedness
Self discipline

No. 6 – Taken from REACH developed by Jon G. Caldwell, D.O., Ph.D.
Chief Medical Officer at Meadows Behavioural Health, Phoenix Arizona USA