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It is our mission to help guests develop an awareness of the wholeness of mind, body and spirit. In our natural, healthy state these three elements are interconnected and balanced.

Because of our evolutionary past as prey, we humans are equipped with a highly sensitive nervous system that can easily trigger our primal ‘fight, flight or freeze’ instincts. Instead of processing these intense bursts of adrenaline like our ancestors would have done; our modern lifestyle has taught us to repress our emotions – and they can become stuck in our bodies.

When undigested energy or trauma, remains in the body, it can present itself in a variety of physical and psychological conditions such as headaches, IBS, anxiety, low self-worth and unhealthy behaviours.

At the Body Truth Retreat, we help you to recognise these ‘frozen’ traumas or emotions and provide you with a toolkit of simple daily practices to help release them in a safe way. We will work to restore your connection between body, mind and spirit, and teach you how to tap into your intuition daily so you can achieve transformative change.

In a supportive and accepting group environment , this healing process can be a positive and joyful experience that will help you enhance your sense of self and boost your self-worth. You will leave the retreat with an array of new knowledge and simple techniques to incorporate into your routine, so you can continue your inner growth back at home.